Corich is a horse riding and saddlery products company located in Shanghai, China.  As one of the main exporters of horse riding products, we are exporting various of products to Europe , US, and Middle East  market. Corich is also well known as a famous horse riding equipment brand in China. We are the main distributor and wholesaler in China market. Our business in domestic and international market has been dramaticlly expanding during last years. As our business aim, we never compromise in quality control and customer service. This is why we has been successful in market.

Same as other reputable company, we set up own head office in the main CBD of Shanghai, China.  Corich also has own retail shop in downtown of Shanghai to sell horse riding products to local riders.

We are supplying almost everything related to horse riding and horse care in market which makes Corich an unique position in China market. Not only in local market, we are also exporting horse bits, spurs, stirrups, breeches, gloves, boots, whips, bandage, saddle blankets, riding cap, accessories, and grooming supplies to many other countries.

Corich is a very efficient company. Our aim is that we supply quality products to our customers with competitive price. Due to the competitive labor cost in China, we can offer you substantially lower prices. We pride ourselves on quality, and immediate shipment.
Please browse through our online catalog to view a selection of our products. If you do not find something you are looking for in our online catalog it does not mean that we are not in the position to supply the products to you. Please feel free to contact us and tell us what you want, we will always do our best for you. Due to our powerful production base and network in China, we can produce most of products that you are looking for.
You may order by mail, fax, E-mail. See Contact information for more details on how to place your order. Thank you for placing order with Corich.


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